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Punch Press Advertising Center    

Welcome. From here you can create your classified ad for our print publication and online.

Place A Classified Ad
FIll out the form below to create your ad. Minimum classified run is three consecutive issues. Classified ads automatically renew after 3 issues unless advertiser notifies staff. Minimum charge is $15.00 per issue for ads with 20 words or less. Each additional word over 20 is 30 cents per word. All words in ALL CAPITALS or in bold will be an additional 30 cents per word. Blind ads are $4 extra per issue (name and address withheld, our box number used). A blank line or a short line is $3 per line, per issue. These are typically used in separating lines or equipment. Your estimated ad cost will appear on the following page. The additional cost for capitals or bold words is not included in the cost estimate.  
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Publisher does not assume responsibility for the contents of advertisements, and all representations or warrants made in such advertising are those of the advertiser and not of the publisher. Advertisements must be typed, publisher does not assume responsibility for any hand written advertisement misprints. After first run, publisher does not accept responsibility for mistakes in advertisements. Publisher is not liable to advertiser for any misprints in advertising not the fault of the publisher. In such an event, the limit of the publishers liability shall be only the amount of the publisher's charge for such advertising.


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